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In these pages you will find my poetry, some are of general topics and some are about people who were important to me.  I hope you enjoy them.

To Believe 

The turning of the leaves lets me believe

That the crackling of the fire

That there is someone higher

The mirror on the lake

Tests our faith

That the clouds above

Lets us soar like a dove

When the clouds disappear

And the Northern Lights appear

We know that God is near

Raking of the leaves lets

Me believe that your heart will start ringing

When God’s birds are singing

Sometimes when you are praying

The trees are swaying

The ducks on the pond

Are another example of GOD’S magic wand

When the sun shines on the straw it gives a glow

GOD watches as his children grow

The ice crystals catch my eye

I know they are sent by the guy in the sky.

If you want to pick up your chin

Watch the sparrows in the wind

If you want to see GOD's beauty and power, have a look at the flowers

When the sun shines through the grass

We know it if from the top brass.




Everywhere you look you see rosy red cheeks.

The goalie doesn’t know if you’ll shoot or deke.


The calves are running and bucking.

Soon we’ll see ducks flapping and quacking.


The smell of brome ready to bale

We can only hope it doesn’t hail.


The turning of the leaves lets us hope

The crops will be bountiful that we receive.


Curtis Anderson


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