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MY POETRY: Page 10


My Friend Jace Harty


Jace would brighten a room with his smile

We haven’t seen it in a while

Jace enjoyed travelling and spending time

With his girlfriend Deanna Lyle

Jace would be the first one to wave

Wasn’t scared to buy a microwave

Jace was no stranger to the pay window

Jace rode Danger Zone

We had our own fun, Jace rode Hired Gun

In Okotoks a loud cheer from the local folks

Jace will be forever true

He also rode Blue Diamond

Jace whistle would give you a jolt

He was good at breaking colts

Jace always had your back

Jace would turn out of the slack

Jace would know if you were

Telling him this or that

Would wear a shaped hat

Jace had the zest, was one of the best

And stuck out his chest

Jace always had his winning ways that let him float like a dove

Now he watches from above

Jace had a lot of friends and won

A ton of money down the rodeo trail

Jace did real good in Cloverdale

Jace was no roly poly

He enjoyed training his border collie

Jace didn’t play the harp

But he looked up to Jim Sharp

Sometimes Jace would listen to

Welcome to the Jungle

And was a great uncle.



Curtis Anderson




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