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MY POETRY: Page 12

Ralph Vold

Ralph would have to be mighty pale

In order to miss a sale

Ralph doesn't spend many hours working on his tan

Ralph is a smart Businessman

Ralph raised his share of Brahmas

You never know you might see Ralph at a Gymkhana

When Ralph pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers farm team the crowd went "WOW"

Ralph spent his earnings buying cows

Ralph was President of the Ponoka Stampede committee

Ralph's better half Del makes him smile with glee

Ralph played for the Boston Bruins farm team

Ralph's work ethic is like a strong beam.


John Frasier Dodds

When it comes to roping

Jordan is a top hand

John spent many years as a stuntman

John's wisdom will be a family keepsake

John has a grandson following in his footsteps

goes by the name Jake

John had alot of cooth

He also had a golden tooth

John was nobodys fool

He was sure cool

Lana's smile made John's heart go tic-toc

John never had to punch a time clock

John learned the ropes from Goerge Paul

It sure is nice to see the leaves in the fall.


Bob Robertson

Bob rode at the CFR and NFR with the top brass

Bob was raised in Yellow Grass

To be a Champion, Bob had what it took

Bob has a daughter named Brook

Bob is there for advice

I doubt Bob is scared of mice

Bob belongs in the Old West

With his barred shaped chest

Bob is full of cheer

At the 2010 CFR he was named Cowboy of the Year

I don't know all of Bob's facts

But I know he shows me respect

Bob has chased livestock out of the trees

Bob also has a daughter named Keltie

Once a month you measure your 4-H calves girth

Bob is Salt of the Earth

Bob would have time for a steak

then stop for a sub at Quiznos

At the finals he rode General Ismo

Bob's riding, he's also one that could tell a story

Bob will go down in History

Bob in his own way also is a survivor

Bob will be a Cowboy forever.


Curtis Anderson

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