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Grandpa & Grandma Anderson

Grandpa parks in the shade with

His door open hoping that Grandma

Had a fresh loaf of bread made

Grandpa Fred often said you know

You’re getting older when you go

For  a haircut and they go to

Your nose and ears first

Grandpa was tall he loved playing hardball

Us grandkids would give Grandpa’s arm a tug

And he would hand over a humbug

Grandpa could take a hint

When us grandkids wanted a Scotch mint

After dinner Grandpa would take a nap

The Anderson name was all over the county map

Grandma’s smile made Grandpa’s heart flutter

He sure knew how to put on the butter

When it came to push and shove Grandpa knew when

To drop the gloves

Grandma knew what it took to be the best cook

She kept her elastics and her cooking was fantastic

Grandma had Quilting bees

She liked her Red Rose tea

Grandma was no fake

She knew how to bake a Cake

Grandma fed people in herds

She enjoyed her Hummin birds

Us grandkids raked the leaves

Grandma taught us early to believe

We would get a dollar to get

An ice cream at Gray’s General Store

We would always want more

Us kids would see

Who would be the fastest to climb the tree

The rhubarb was to the west

Her apple pie was the best

The strawberries were to the south

How they melted in your mouth

Grandma always kept side pork

On Grandpa’s fork

Grandma kept a clean house

Even though she was quiet as a church mouse

Grandma and Grandpa’s house

Was safe from danger, because they were protected by Major

It was no fluke they had a good dog named Duke

Grandma and Grandpa watched Hockey Night in Canada

Price is Right was a must

They had the community in God’s trust

Grandma and Grandpa’s house was built on love

Grandma made each kid a quilt we all soared like a dove

Grandma and Grandpa were true

That they kept  God in view

They grandkids had to be quick

To get the last of the Nesquick

We had to clean the last of our plates

If we wanted to see Fred and Barney and Mr Slate

We would start the day off with a bang

With a glass of orange tang

You could be sure there would Be a pitcher of grape Kool Aid

We were told to sit back from the TV

If we wanted to see




Corbin Jackson


Chumley worked for Tri-City since he was an itty bitty

One winter Chumley hauled our bales

You could be sure his pride wasn’t for sale

Chumley had a honey named Donna

You wouldn’t catch him sitting in a Sauna

When Chumley saw the running JJ

Everything was okay

You never saw Chumley acting silly

He resided in Tiger Lily

Chumley made the horasche

Like to curl his moustache

Chumley was no gambler

He was proud of Jerry Ambler

Chumley was never in the dark

Was real proud of his Uncle Clark

Chumley was a big rodeo fan

And was a great pick-up man


Curtis Anderson 





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