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Uncle Les

Uncle Les never held a grudge

He was always the judge who had the best fudge

You never seen him in a Honda Accord

He was too busy cruising in his Ford

There was no hype about

Him moving all that pipe

He never took any slack

But he always had your back

He proudly wore the Anderson grin

We often wonder where it’s been

 Uncle Les never fibbed although

He enjoyed playing crib

Uncle Les had the zest

He always looked his best

And knew how to invest time with family and friends

Uncle Les always made sure

You had a square meal and knew when to make a deal

Uncle Les knew how to make

A steak that made you say Wow

Uncle Les rolled the dice everyday

Of his life, he liked to fold his cheese slice

And had two incredible wives

Uncle Les and Harry seen a lot of deer tracks

He also enjoyed driving his Cadillac

Uncle Les did the breaking on cods

So they could turn that sod

Uncle Les had a golden heart

Right from the start

Uncle Les gave his all everyday

He like to bet and watch football

Uncle Les was proud of his house in Vernon

And was a life long learner

Uncle Les was true

And he sure loved to barbeque.


Uncle Charlie

Uncle Charlie nickname was six guns.

We were taught to sit back in our seats while riding shotgun.

Uncle Charlie was a regular at 4-H sale.

I can still hear his laugh oh what a whale.

Uncle Charlie started out farming with square bales.

Uncle Charlie hauled the neighbourhood cattle.

He made the odd guys teeth rattle.

Wilf Carter sang about a bluebird on a windowsill.

Uncle Charlie was proud of his 9000 Louisville.

Uncle Charlie had a lot of deals with Danny Aberhart.

Aunt Joyce and Uncle Charlie taught their kids a strong work ethic right from the start.

I can hear Uncle Charlie hoop and holler.

Uncle Charlie earned every dollar.

A stop at the Voyager was a must.

Uncle Charlie had everyones trust.

Uncle Charlie spent hours around a threshing machine.

I curled with Uncle Charlie in a Minburn bonspiel.

Uncle Charlie was happy behind the big wheel.



Curtis Anderson




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