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Lane Frost 

Freckles Brown was Lane’s hero

You never saw Lane wear a frown

Lane always gave the crowd a thrill

And was from the Oklahoma hills

Lane would put his hands in the air

There would be fans from everywhere

Lane was a member of the wolfpack

He rode across North America

In Lincolns and Cadillacs

Lane drove up and down I5

To see his dreams come alive

When he rode Red Rock

Lane also drove up and down 101

To become America’s favourite son

It’s no contest that Lane is one of the best

Lane won the world in 1987

He is now riding the rank ones in heaven.


Don Johanson

Don is true driving around under Alberta skies that are blue

He also had 4  92’s

Don is no gomer he rode Homer

Don sometimes hits the gym

He rode Jungle Jim

I don’t know if Don played bingo

He rode Gringo

Don is in for a game of crib

He rode Doodle Gibbs

It is everyone’s delight

When he shows up with a Coors Light.


Kenton Randle 

Rugged is a cowboy that is true

He won the rookie of the world wearing chaps of blue

Rugged is sharp as a tack

We both rode Crack’er’back

Rugged is like a mack

He always has your back

Rugged was full of cheer

And wasn’t bucked off in years.


Dan Lowry

Dan’s plan was to be Number 1

While having lots of fun

Dan sometimes rode while he was pale

He enjoyed his Garage sales

In the winter he would run sow

His riding would leave the crowd in awe

Dan would have the finals made

And could find shade

Sometimes Dan could be funny

And won Canada ’88 on Playboy Bunny

Dan would have a piece of Toffee

And he loved his Coffee.


Curtis Anderson


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