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Mel Hyland

The mountains that were around Langley BC

Weren’t big enough, Mel had to see what all he could be

His rise to fame started out his rookie year

This one ride would kick Mel’s career into high gear

The night before Mel tossed and turned in bed

Knowing he could win first on Reckless Red

Mel was at Cheyenne just 18 years old

So now the story will unfold

The adrenaline ran through Mel’s veins

As he measured his bronc rein

The crowd couldn’t wait till they opened the gate

They let Reckless Red in the big pen

Now the fun will begin

Mel turned loose of his saddle lifted on his rein

We all know the money is in the mane

Mel showed everyone that he was on the scene to get the green

86 points the announcer said in 1967

It was though that bronc ride was made in heaven

Mel is the definition of a cowboy that is true

Riding under Alberta skies that are blue

Mel won his first Gold Buckle in ‘72

Now some might say that Mel lives in the sticks

Mel won his second gold buckle in 76

He also was a four time Canadian Saddle Bronc Champ

You never seen Mel sit down and clamp

His love for life and people is like a shining lamp

Not only could he ride broncs

Mel was the Canadian Bareback Champion in 75

When Mel rode the crowd really came alive

Mel rode left handed

In his mind he is a one man band

Mel likes to sing and pick his guitar and rode miles under the stars

Mel did a lot of picking and grinning

We all know he had his share of winning

Mel loved horses and people

You never know, he might sing in a church steeple

If he wasn’t riding under the moon

He won the ladies by singing a tune

Now these days Mel remembers every jolt

That he takes breaking all those colts

Everybody was Mel’s fan

Mel is a mountain of a man

Mel doesn’t often play pictionary

When they describe cowboy in the dictionary

There is a picture of Mel Hyland

Every day of Mel’s life he brings his “A” game

And is in every Hall of Fame

The only two loves in Mel’s life, live down under

Are his daughters Sammy-Joe and Stacey

Is it any wonder?


John Wayne

John started out a USC playing football

He was anything but gullible

John was never shady

Would tip his hat to a lady

Sometimes John’s temper would fray

Was great in the Green Berets

Went by the name Mr Anderson in Cowboys

John could show signs of joy

John wasn’t one for criticism

Moved large herds of cattle in Chisum

John was portrayed to be bitter

He sure could move the critters

You never saw John slouch his chest

He would expect you to do your best

John was easy on a horse’s bit

He won an Oscar in 1969 for his role in True Grit

Sometimes John’s fists were swinging

He sure was good at pickin and grinin

John sawed his share of logs

In some movies John had a good dog

John was born in 1907

John is now riding the range in heaven

John rode miles over the sod

While having his trust in GOD.


Curtis Anderson 


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