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Shane Mills 

Marty, Shane and I made the finals 1,2,4

How the crowd cheered even more 

Shane showed X14 Caddy who was Daddy

Shane made a few bucks 

Driving logging trucks

Shane was sly as a fox

And dated Trish Cox


Dusty Wilkinson

We all remember Dusty’s grin

Everyone some day will see it again 

Dusty and I both went to

Kevin West’s bullriding school 

Where we were taught to stick out our chest 

Dusty travelled with Champ 

Those 2 were like a shining lamp 


Brent Thurman 

Brent would move his feet

As though he was listening to the beat

Brent would tuck his chin to win

Texas is full of longhorns

Brent might have roped on old Blue Northern

I don’t know if Brent wrote any sonnets

Brent rode at the BlueBonnet Palace

You can do a lot of learning watching Brent Thurman 


Jim Sharp 

Tuff and Cody did Razor a favour when they asked him to travel with them

Razor said travel with someone as good or better

Razor won his first gold buckle at 21

He’s ready for some fun

Won his second gold buckle, would enjoy a good chuckle

Razor rode 57 and 51 in a row

Has won his share of the dough

Razor grew up in Texas where it is a thrill listening to Bob Wills

Razor’s theory was to stay on

Razor chased his share of blondes

Razor you’re my hero- enjoy the rhymes


Quinton Lowry

Q rode bulls with a good style

Johnny Cash sang about walking that second mile

Q in the winter worked the rigs

Would play his guitar so people can do a jig

Q made furniture out of logs

Townsend was his favourite dog

Q now lives where there is a breathtaking view


Curtis Anderson



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