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Miss Rodeo Canada 

Brittney was Grande Prairie Stompede Queen

She came to Edmonton and won Miss Canada

It has taken her to places she had never seen

Brittney’s hair is long and black hanging down the middle of her back

She is sharp as a tack

Brittney is anything but weak

It is a pleasure to hear her speak

Talking to Brit you'll soon find out she is full of witt

Brittney has flipped her share of flapjacks

You get to know her- she’ll have your back

In the future she plans on going back to the U of A to be a teacher

And everything will be okay

Brittney’s feet are on the ground

And her mind is sound

Brittney is pretty as a picture

With Rodeo fans she will forever be a fixture


Glen Keely

Glen rode his horse in the Porcupine Hills

And would have a steak on the grill

I can remember when I travelled with Glen

I learned knowledge that I wouldn’t learn in college

Glen won Canada at 19

Glen dated a few prom queens

He watched Steve McQueen

Now he travels with Lane

And hangs out with John Wayne

Glen was the definition of true

And left a lot of bulls black & blue.


Greg Ruhmour 

Greg started out fighting the VF

Greg never has to ask himself what if.

Greg won the world in 1990 at the big show.

Some days he sees how fast his Corvette will go.

Greg went from riding under Alberta to Texas blue skies.

Where he found Donna’s love.

Greg is a winner of the golden gloves.

Greg made the Wrangler NFR bullfight eleven times.

You can be sure he will give you his last dime.


Ryan Byrne

Ryan was the first Canadian to fight the NFR.

Ryan became a star.

Ryan worked the finals in 86,87,93.

He lives where there is alot of trees.

Ryan made rounds with bulls.

Now he sees how much his tractor will pull.

Ryan was the CCA  steer wrestling season leader in 96,97

He has friends that are smiling in heaven.

Ryan judges for the PBR.

He is a rodeo star and friend till the end.

Ryan fought the CFR 14 years in a row.

He’s proud the crops his land will grow.


Chris Self

I can't remember Chris listening to Jazz 

He rode Razmataz at Edmonton

At Chris & Tammy's wedding

Everyone threw confetti

He won Red Deer on Serengetti

Chris seldom hit the turf

He won Rodeo Royal on Smurf

Chris knew when enough was enough

He sure enjoyed his snuff


Curtis Anderson





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