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Lee Graves 

Lee was Blaine’s protégé- some say

Lee won the world in 2004

It opened a lot of doors

Lee also won the world in 2009

I’m proud to say he is a friend of mine

Lee has won Canada 4 times

In Black Diamond the wind will chime

Lee would put his heels in the ground

And bring one around

Lee was everyone’s friend

Since who knows when

Lee’s horse Jesse also won the world in 2009

You never know who is Lee’s valentine


Skip Kelliher

The crowd really came alive

When Schmay spurred Colt 45

Turbo was all he could be

When he spurred Cheadle C

Skip threw a fit

When Schmod spurred Major Syndicate

I rode Steamboat, Skip’s heart began to float

Like a dove when he found Cindy’s love


Darren Krawiec

Darren was never one to tattle

When he went to the mountains he would put on the paddles

Darren rodeo knowledge was bright

Darren rode Snow White in Czar

Became a rodeo star

Lived in Swan Hills, you can really see the stars

Darren drove a lot of miles in the grey van

Wherever he went there would be a fan

Darren learned young to be a trucker

Stan had a palomino named Tanya Tucker.


Stan Weatherly

You better be full of try

When they open the gate on War Cry

Sometimes Stan & Warren would chase stock out of the thicket

Make sure you spur out Cricket

Stan would like when people dropped in

Had a good bronc named Rockin Robin

It is no wonder you can win first on Blue Thunder

Don’t know if Stan liked to bowl

You’ll do good on Rock’n’Roll

Stan was a big fan of Handyman



Curtis Anderson



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